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For people who are not aware of the term, televangelism is the preaching of Christianity via television or radio.

She currently hosts her very own show on the television named Paula White Today.

Pastor Paula White is now married to Jonathan Cain, a musician, songwriter and a rocker who came from Chicago and is a part of a well-known music group called „The Journey“. She is involved in charities to provide food to the needy people in the United States.

She donates big amounts of money throughout the world to poor people and people in distress.

Paula White was born April 20, 1966, in the small city of Tupelo, located in Mississippi. She was born to Donald Paul Furr III and Myra Joanelle.

Her parents were the owners of a craft and toy shop.

She is also a co-pastor of one of the most non-denominational and multicultural church in Florida named the New Destiny Christian Church.

Paula’s career as a televangelist started way later in her life than expected.

She gratuated at Seneca Valley High School in Washington D. Today that church goes under the name „ Their congregation grew very quickly and in 2009.

Paula herself became the senior pastor and divorced her husband Randy in a friendly manner. she left her pastor position in that church and her husband Randy returned to being a senior pastor.

The church didn’t get much recognition or aid in the beginning which resulted in them living under hard conditions.

The couple then lived under the Government aid accommodations and even had to change the location of the church three consecutive times to sustain it.

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