No joining sex chatrooms

It is said that the Jews have been kicked out of 79 countries.A commentator once said, “let’s kick them out of the US and make it 80″.These Jewish financiers are packing up their money and bringing it over to India and China which will be their new headquarters for the time being.

These are only my opinions that I’ve gained from my research.

Right now the US military, which is the most powerful in the world, is being used to pave the way for the beginnings of the New World Order.

This is what the G20 meetings have been all about; setting up a global financial system that will eventually be bound by international law.

Any country that the Jews bring there money into seem to have a rise in military power or a golden age.

We saw this in Spain during the 1400s and in various other countries such as France and Great Britain after the Jews were kicked out of Spain.

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