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Have I mentioned the breathtaking sunsets over Lake Ontario?

The sites are so desirable that you have to enter a lottery in order to 'win' the opportunity to reserve a site for 1 week from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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We would like to publish your opinions about Up State New York, and let the rest of the world know what Up State New York has to offer. No reservoirs.""I love the four seasons (even the snow), the food, the mountains and the people.

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As for the work industry for us we had no problem finding work. After all we came home to be closer to family and we are still 10 hours away.

We are in the process of trying to save up enough money so we can move back to Upstate NY and maybe relocate to the Ithaca area. I want my daughters to experience the cold crisp winters, the musty dirt smell of spring, the wonderful warm non humid summer days, the cold crisp smell of Fall, and the first snow fall of the season.

Up State, Up Scale, Up Lifting, Up Most, Up Beat, Up Hill, Up Right, Up-to-Date, Up With People, .... There's so much to tell people about the Up State New York area.

These pages are dedicated to telling the rest of the world about our home!

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