Mystery book dating dating a guy with small hands

Her critique partners, Sheri White Feather and Judy Duarte are instrumental in her endeavors.

Without these talented authors, writing would be a lonely road.

Despite the hot scenes in this book, the great potential of the hero and heroine's per3.5 stars.

Later, a Pseudonym for Chris Marie Green and Christine Cody A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Milwaukee , WI , St.

But this book had an additional person's point of view and it was interjected kind of haphazardly and took you completely away from the story.

This book was the second of two, and I'm not sure if Danny was a part of book one or not.

And while there were some good moments in the story, it fell a little short for me in character development.

Romances are meant to be fantasies, but I prefer mine to fulfill the emotional fantasy as well as the physical.

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