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Christianity recognizes, embraces, and proclaims this Son-centered plan and the triune God it reveals to all who will hear.

Islam repudiates this Son-centered plan and the divine triunity it reveals and substitutes a dramatically different proposal in its place.

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The “sameness” issue plays little role in the first but a potentially significant role in the second.

ast winter, the Internet was abuzz over the question “Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? During the contentious debate, Trinitarianism was often offered up as the core difference between Islam and Christianity: Christianity embraces it, Islam does not.

” A cacophony of largely Christian voices exhausted themselves arguing these complex issues, to almost no one’s satisfaction. But this observation, while accurate, does not automatically locate the decisive issue.

This is the decisive difference between these two faiths. Notice how asking the right question enables us to cut through the fog generated by starting with the wrong question.

It also allows us to skirt an issue relatively few of us are qualified even to address, much less pontificate about; namely, what Islam or the Qur’an does or does not teach.

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