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Guardians of the Galaxy Michael Rooker was born on April 6, 1955 in Jasper, Alabama.

When he was thirteen, his parents divorced and he went with his mother to live in Chicago.

I must have read the series a good two dozen times. There was a recurring nightmare of mine that involved Mr.

In the books, there were times I found myself thinking, How on earth is Harry not pissing his pants right now? No-Nose chasing me through my school halls, cackling as he did so. He would then proceed to find me, and I’d get a good scare. So yeah, I guess I’ll just let this guy take that title from me.

He caught the acting bug while attending college, and began appearing in local stage productions.

On first breaking into film, his intensity and "...

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Hauer was born in Breukelen, a town in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Jaws Robert Archibald Shaw was born on August 9, 1927 in Westhoughton, Lancashire, England, the eldest son of Doreen Nora (Avery), a nurse, and Thomas Archibald Shaw, a doctor.

His artistic curiosity in exploring the human condition leads him to projects all over the world, large ...

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Terence Henry Stamp was born and lived in Canal Road, Bow, until German bombers forced his family to move to Plaistow.

As the legendary Jackie Chan put it, “I'm not just an action star, I'm an actor.” The key to making a character truly badass is to make them a character first, with a real emotional arc, and a badass second.

While their motivations might be wildly different, ranging from saving a loved one to getting revenge to protecting the world at large, cinema’s coolest badasses are united in their unwillingness to compromise for what they’re fighting for and the awesome ways in which they fight for it, and we're just lucky enough to be along for the ride.

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