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"Afterward, I felt, ' What else could I have done?' You replay that situation over and over and you switch it around: Maybe if I had said this, or if I would have done that,'" she said in an interview with the The Cincinnati Enquirer the following year.I work in the Child Support Office trust me I know. Um nope its just pretty much because those men are sorry and sad! But this should serve as a LESSON to Women who have children for men BEFORE they are married.I said the only person that is owed anything is that child. Just having a child does not ensure anything for you. Lebron James' BABY MOTHER should take note because this is EXACTLY what will happen to HER.And hey I just dont get some black people its not JUST the women its the race as a whole. He's going to get with someone different who's not his "SIDEKICK".And That women may be a woman like Monica who has other things to offer him.I wish all involved much happiness That's commendable. You can tell when a man is really feeling a woman when he wants to make sure that her name and rep remain intact and untarnished.He put a stop to the rumors even before they could get out of hand. I'm REALLY liking them together :-) Seems like no one can read! I guess no one can be happy either and everyone has to be a cheater..clearly professed that he and Monica are indeed in a relationship and that he and his baby's mother are parents to their child and nothing else.

Some of us do not know how to do that because we think that one person owes the other something..just the child or children involved!They had a second wedding ceremony for family and friends in July 2011.On September 3, 2013, Monica gave birth to her third child, Laiyah Shannon Brown. In addition to folks catching on to their new boo'd up status, Monica's also rumored to be his homewrecker! Sharde was even riding on the Championship parade float right next to Shannon right after the Lakers won their NBA title this summer. Brown (no relationship to Chris even though they look like they could be brothers) took to Twitter today to clear up the rumors. Laker Shannon Brown became Monica's love interest in her recent video for "Love All Over Me", Mo and Shannon have been seen together looking very much on couple status in real life. Apparently while Shannon and Monica have been toting around coupled up and cutesy over the past month, folks were confused because he was supposedly still with Sharde, the mother of his 1 year old son."It's just something that it's never possible for me to go back and change." Monica met rapper Rodney "Rocko" Hill, a former SWA officer and real estate manager, shortly after her ex-boyfriend Jarvis Weems's suicide in 2000, a time which she described as her "weakest."While the couple soon began dating in fall of the same year, they ended their relationship in 2004.A few months later, Monica and Hill revived their relationship and she became pregnant with their first child.Monica's career came to a slow down in 1999 due to relationship problems with her ex-boyfriend Jarvis Weems.In July 2000, the couple were together at the graveside of Weems's brother, who had died in an automobile accident at age 25 in 1998, when Weems, without warning, put a gun to his head and committed suicide.As far as her being jealous of Keisha, hmmmm naaah. I love Keisha Cole too, but how can you be jealous of someone who is trying to get on your level? #Very Mature I think that Monica is jealous of her friend Kyshia Cole. And what i am hearing that you want to get another child, and is planning for it this summer. SB is only 25 years old and you are 5 years older than him. Monica is my girlfriend, confidant and strong successful women that have been though a lot she but she is in no way, a home wrecker.She rush into ths marriage sothat she coul get down the isles before Kysa. As a parent, I understand that parenting requires a partnership with my son’s mother however the relationship between us fizzled a long time ago.

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