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Thirty-four-year-old Andrew met thirty-two-year-old Janet at the gym and they had got on well since. - The lift doors opened and Emma walked out into the office that she had run for the past three year.

She was about to turn thirty-five and was a total career girl. - Kate and Emma were kneeling on the floor of their flat looking at the glass jar, both with a look of amazement on their faces.

- Abbigail had been at the school for a few weeks now.

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” The woman pushed back her long dark hair, her expression changing from one of boredom to one of slightly more inte... He had his own car too and drove me to a beach party a few miles out of town on the shore of lake Michigan. Some conversations had been had lying on the lawn under the warm s...- Andrew sat at his desk and looked again at the email from HR. - Kate boarded the plane heading to The Bahamas for her cousin Mara and Brad’s wedding.He had performed increasingly well over the previous six months and had won that month’s employee prize for employee of the month. - This is loosely based on real life in the UK where drivers had to face the school children who they put in danger through careless driving. She had not seen either of them since her last visit to them in Miami. - Around the middle of July things started to get weird at Pond Cove.It was full of schoolgirls between sixteen and seven...- Jack Lake had been looking forward to the party for several days.He even carried the advert and his ticket around with him so he could take them out and look at them whenever he felt the urge. - Emma opened the front door to see her neighbour, Madge, standing there looking quite flustered. I need her to do me a huge favour as I'm in a rush to get to the theatr... Couldn't allow my mind to rest as I tossed and turned in my bed. He was supposed to be the assistant, but the Manager was off sick.I woke very early the following morning and went for a run to take my mind off it. He opened the store and stood close to the seating area and waited. - Jonathan’s parting words to us were, “What would you think if I brought my date back here later? The band had been particularly good singing a string of popular songs.In the jar was Kate’s boyfriend, now standing at only one inch tall. - What was she doing playing chastity games with a twenty something guy?She knew it was crazy, yet Amy was smiling to herself as she stepped off the bus and walked quickly to the address that Ben had ...They were in the dining room at the Hotel with Jeannie’s friend, Chuck, who was also fifty-four-year... - Emma and Kate were reflecting on how the day had gone for them as they waited to go up onto the stage in the hall to be caned in front of the rest of the camp. On the Uber ride back home I started thinking about our upcoming ‘farewell’ picnic for K...- Dan's stomach lurched as Sarah left the bathroom wrapped in a towel. - “Mum, I don’t need Nellie to check up on me,” Daniel bleated. " My voice rose an octave and a half as my boss revealed himself to be an alien from the planet Moron. - Alice threw her head back and groaned as I thrust into her from behind.

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