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With all the options of hookup sites out there, there are surely plenty of sites that are built on scams that just try to get your hard-earned money out of your pocket, but thankfully, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with Fuckbook.

As unfortunate as it may be, we have encountered dating sites outside of that have not worked nearly as well for us.

Think about the first thing you look for when you see a woman’s profile — it’s her picture.

The first step is choosing the very best picture out of your collection, so that you’ll have the absolute highest chance of catching her eye. Take it easy, be witty and casual, and always keep in mind that these women are there for the same reason that you are: to meet an adventurous stranger online and have a hot, steamy, casual encounter.

People new to the online hookup sphere will understandably be worried about Fuckbook scams, and so they’ll ask themselves ‘Is Fuckbook legit? ’ After all of the hard research we invested into the matter, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ to both!

We got laid so often using this website that the question of its legitimacy is really not a question at all.

The site is brimming with gorgeous women of all backgrounds and interests, and they’re quite wild, too!

There’s a stigma around hookup sites, since users think they are too good to be true, and that they might be playing right into the hand of a scam artist. We spent four months testing the efficiency and legitimacy of a variety of hookup sites across the net.

Out of the 76 contacts we made, we managed to set up 48 dates, and 46 of those dates actually showed up.

Best of all: out of the 46 confirmed dates we set up, we managed to close the deal with 45 of them!

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