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In the following episode, the merge occurred, and Mariano voted to eliminate van den Berghe, going back on his promise.

Mariano and Brkich proceeded through the game, eventually finding themselves in the Final Four with Lewis and Boneham after breaking ties with Calaway and Buchanan.

His original Maraamu tribe was outnumbered by members of the original Rotu tribe 7—3.

Since the Rotu tribe thought that Mariano caused too much drama in camp and that he was the biggest threat of the remaining Maraamu tribe members the others being Vecepia Towery and Sean Rector , he was the first Maraamu tribe member targeted.

All-Stars[ edit ] During Survivor: All-Stars , Mariano developed an early alliance which eventually developed into a romantic relationship with fellow contestant Amber Brkich.

He was able to form a dominant long-term alliance with Rupert Boneham and Jenna Lewis , taking them all the way to the Final Four.

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After the game was underway, due to a twist that "absorbed" one of the three tribes, Lewis and Boneham joined the Chapera tribe.

Facing the jury, the couple met criticism for their aggressive and underhanded gameplay.

Mariano took the brunt of the criticism, as he was seen as the leader of their dominant two-person alliance, and was deemed by the jury as the one with more blood on his hands.

The group did lose one member, however, when Sue Hawk opted to leave the game due to an unpleasant encounter with Richard Hatch.

Chapera went on to lose the next challenge and Mariano bargained with van den Berghe to save Brkich in return for Mariano's help later down the road.

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