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Then my husband was convicted of his need to be in God's Word daily.Prior to attending the seminar I was certain I had two options, end my marriage or continue unhappily ever after."I knew in my heart that divorce was not what God wanted …but deep down, I was hoping he (her husband) would leave," confessed Lisa."What happened after the seminar could fill a book!We confessed the ways we had failed one another and sought forgiveness."Separation can lead to an absolutely wonderful marriage if we are willing to deal with the problems that led to the separation." Chapman suggests treating the trauma of separation with a 9-1-1 approach, "If it were a physical problem, we would put you in intensive care and look after you day and night until you either died or got better.

A legal assistance attorney or civilian lawyer should be able to help you; however, you should note that some branches prohibit their legal assistance attorneys from doing so (sometimes depending on the manning and experience levels available within the specific legal assistance office).

Back to Top How does the military view a separation?

In the eyes of the military, you are still married.

If you are stationed overseas and the civilian spouse would like to return to the states, he or she will need an "advance return of dependents." In order to get one, you will need a letter from a professional (such as a lawyer, chaplain, or counselor) indicating that you are experiencing marital difficulties.

Back to Top Do I have to have a separation agreement before I can separate from my spouse? The law does not require a separating couple to enter into a separation agreement, but it is a good idea if there are debts, children, support claims, or property involved and you want to settle these matters in writing.

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