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All you are really trying to figure out on the speed date is whether the two of you have something in common and if you would be able to carry out a conversation that lasts longer than four minutes.Common rule is also to avoid talks about controversial topics like politics or religion.Sometimes it does not matter much how silly topic you will discuss, but it is important to start off with a smile.It will make the other person feel at ease and help you break the ice.One of the biggest sticking points many guys have in their quest to become more successful with women, is not knowing what to talk about when first meeting them.Make Small Talk Sexy by Bobby Rio is a product aimed at giving you the tools to create fun and engaging conversation so that you never again have to worry about not knowing what to talk about.It focuses on conversation topics that are more engaging to women, and different ways that you can control the flow of the conversation and lead it to wherever you want to take it.

However, don't try to analyze the answers too intensely.

This is an excellent product that will teach you what it takes to have fun and interesting conversations.

There's really nothing too complicated to learn here, but there are a lot of techniques and ideas covered so don't try them all out at once or it'll be too overwhelming.

There is just not enough time on speed dating to have a debate about such topics and you do't want to spoil something right from the start.

Instead try talking about current events; that may reveal much more about the person than asking about a favorite movie or color.

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