Low esteem lying dating

In this state, your ability to love will remain emotionally immature and undeveloped because what you have to give in return is not love, but rather your unfulfilled needs.Low self-esteem destroys relationships because this kind of insecurity creates a disconnect between yourself and your partner.People with low self esteem have difficulty believing that they are unconditionally loved and accepted by their partners.

Even if they don’t verbalize it, they do not act as if they feel they are good enough to be loved.An example may be “Please call me every night at 10pm because other wise, I will worry.” The subtext to this is, “I’m worried that you are going to cheat on me!” No adult should have to hold themselves accountable to that kind of disrespect.If she doesn't have self-esteem, YOU cannot give it to her.No one can give you self-esteem as it as to come from within.This lack of self-worth is born from lack of self love.If you don’t truly love and accept yourself, then you cannot truly accept love and acceptance from others.In romantic relationships people often feel most comfortable around those who have a similar level of self esteem as their own.This means subconsciously people with low self-esteem will attract others with low self-esteem.(Which begs the question, if the only way to keep your partner from losing control is this level of hyper-vigilance, then maybe you are in the wrong relationship.) There comes a point within a relationship that you need to believe that you are with someone who cares about you and respects you enough to not hurt you.When you trust someone, you open yourself up to the possibility that you might get hurt.

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