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“I’d much rather they have these spaces online than in the real world.

“However there is that percentage that one of them could be the next (Alexandre) Bissonnette.” Bissonnette, the Quebec City mosque shooter, frequented far-right websites and forums in the months before he murdered six people in their place of worship last year.

The alt-right — an umbrella term used to describe the new generation of online white nationalists — is known to use humour to soften the edges of extremist ideology. This whole thing is so ironic that the levels of irony can’t be dismantled.” The humour, Fiset says, gives these young men cover to propagate dangerous ideas.

I’ve spoken to people who know him who confirmed this to me,” Fiset said.

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He says groups like Montreal Storm present a dilemma.

“The vast majority are keyboard warriors, they’re saying terrible things, but they’re just venting,” said Scrivens, a post-doctoral fellow.

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