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It has a Baltic Sea coastline in the west and is surrounded by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east, Poland to the southwest, and Russia's exclave, the Kaliningrad Oblast, to the west.Lithuania has been an active member of the European Union since and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since 29 March in that same year.Folk craft fairs and live craft days are organized during many events and festivals.Passenger train interior, there also are older type and compartment-type cars in the same train.

Lithuania, first formed in the middle of the 13th century, was a huge feudal country stretching from the Baltic to the Black sea in the middle ages and in 1569 entered into a union with Poland to form a commonwealth.Most airlines arrive at the main Vilnius International Airport and some at the smaller, seaside Palanga Airport, while budget carriers such as Ryanair land in Kaunas International Airport.Kaunas airport also has a direct link with Warsaw by LOT.Once in the Middle Ages (15th century), Lithuania was the largest state in the entire continent of Europe, where crafts and overseas trade prospered.In 1579, Vilnius University, an important scientific and education centre of the European scale, was opened.This means that there may be spot customs checks but no immigration checks (travelling within Schengen but to/from a non-EU country) or you may have to clear immigration but not customs (travelling within the EU but to/from a non-Schengen country).Please see the article Travel in the Schengen Zone for more information about how the scheme works and what entry requirements are.In the 16th century, Lithuania adopted its First, Second and Third Statutes.The Statutes were not only the backbone of the legislative system, they also had a major impact on the legislation of other European states of the time.This ethnographic heritage is nourished by ethnographic and folklore companies and barn theatres.Recent years have witnessed the revival of ethnographic crafts and culinary traditions.

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