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According to the commercial law of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), liquidation of company should be done or the company can or must be liquidated and deregistered (company deregistration in Dubai) in the following cases (one case only is enough): For simplification, a liquidator is the person who is appointed by the shareholders or the court to gather and conduct the requirements and process of company liquidation and deregistration, winding up a dissolved company in the act of selling its assets.Most countries’ requirement for a liquidator is a certified and regulated one, and the UAE requires the same.Liquidation – Our Minimum Fees There are cases that companies are not anymore functionable or there is simply a mutual agreement that it should be the end of a certain business.If your organization is in situation like this, it can be expected that it’s going to be a dissolved company in the near future.CGT normally leads to lower tax bills than dividends (even more so since April 2016 due to dividend tax changes), but not always, so check with your accountant first.If your company has 1-2 directors/shareholders, no liabilities, and the only asset is cash in the bank, MVL Online® can provide a formal MVL service direct to companies Nationwide for the low fixed fee of £995 VAT plus disbursements for advertising and bonding.Office Mad buys & sells all types of Office Furniture – Chairs, Desking, Conferencing & Storage.We purchase furniture from various sources including private individuals, corporates and small businesses alike.

As the name suggests, members voluntary liquidations are where shareholders (members) choose (voluntary) to put a company into liquidation.

We also have in-house CPAs who take care of consultation and processing of the impending implementation of VAT in UAE.

These CPAs also handle our bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai and as well as our payroll and HR solutions service.

Sometimes it lurks around the building itself or it is obviously seen in the financial statements or records of the organization.

Having not enough funds to carry on with the day-to-day transactions of a firm, or failure in paying creditors with overdue debts, or a serious offense that has been done by the side of the company are some of the major causes for a close of business or for shareholders or the owner himself to decide to go with a liquidation.

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