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Usami was created by the Ultimate Programmer Chihiro Fujisaki, a specialist in A. programming, to take the role as the Observer in the Neo World Program, a psychotherapeutic virtual reality rehabilitation program able to help treat individuals who have experienced trauma.

The program would remove harmful memories, then create a peaceful and safe simulation in which to help the individual create new, less harmful memories.

The survivors of Class 77-B entered the Neo World Program as avatars, with their memories of their time as classmates and friends at Hope's Peak Academy removed.

In this particular simulation, because their version of the Neo World Program was designed to heal their traumatic school life, Usami took on the role as the lead teacher of a school trip.

However, when Nagito became increasingly more determined to flush out the traitor among them, he broke into Monomi's House and stole her treasure box.

Inside the box was a diary of the events on the island, written and illustrated by Chiaki.

However, just as Usami had begun helping the students familiarize themselves the island, a virus implanted by Izuru Kamukura activated, corrupting Jabberwock Island and allowing an avatar of Monokuma to enter the simulation.

Monokuma quickly planted seeds of doubt in the students' minds by explaining that there was a traitor among them who was responsible for removing their school memories, which immediately put suspicion on Monomi due to her similar appearance to Monokuma and his insistence that she was his little sister.

As a consequence, the students began to distrust her, and she was not invited to the party thrown by Byakuya Togami, and instead helped Chiaki guard the entrance to keep Monokuma out.

After the rest of the students turned on Nagito Komaeda after his attempted murder of Byakuya, Monomi untied him in the hope that the students would work together.

She later became locked in the Final Dead Room with Nagito and tried to help him solve the puzzles to escape.

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