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When I first arrived in Quebec, I did not speak French.I knew that French was spoken in Quebec, but I had not realized how difficult it would be for me to live here without speaking the language.P HOMEMADE TEDDY BEARS am how to make your own SEE LAKELIFE 1 CLASSIFIEDS Need a car, job or apt.?Look in Lake County's largest classified section SEE PAGE B23 - - Little Miss Antioch 2001 Maliory Lukasik waves to the crowd after being crowned during the annual pageant at Antioch Community High School. Johnson Erin Haley is crowned Miss Antioch 2001 by Miss Antioch 2000 Nikki Paden during the annual pageant at Antioch Community High School.First runner-up in the Miss competition went to Gillian Owens, and Shannon Day was named miss congeniality.For the second year running, Cassidy Cahill was named both first runner-up and miss conge- niality in die Little Miss competition.Investigationes demonstraverunt lectores legere me lius quod ii legunt saepius.Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum.

I believed that the English language was dominant everywhere in Canada, that a French community lived in Quebec, but was surrounded by an English-speaking environment.

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Haley will go on to compete in the Miss Lake County Fair Pageant. *** Johnson ' w I ■ crowned new 20001 queens By JUUE MURPHY Staff Reporter Between the presentations of the Miss contestants in their business wear, swimsuits and evening wear, and the Little Miss contestants in their playwear and party dresses along with their speeches and inter- views, the list was narrowed down to two.

Miss Antioch 2000 Nikki Paden and Little Miss 2000 Shannon Cahill passed on their crowns to Erin Haley and Maliory Lukasik respectively.

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