How to write a dating advert andy stanley podcasts on dating

Advertisers often pay close attention to the types of ads their competitors are running.

Unfortunately, prospects often don’t – all they see are dozens of ads that all look and sound the same.

This is also an exception to the “include the keyword” tip outlined above – although this ad headline doesn’t include the keyword I searched for, it’s still a much more compelling ad than the others I saw.

If I were looking for a divorce attorney – which I’m not, by the way! Perry Marshall, author of the world’s best-selling book on Google Ad Words, is always talking about the importance of solving prospects’ problems in your ad copy.

Of course, determining what those problems are means thinking about the search that displayed your ad to the prospect in the first place.

Leveraging user intent is crucial to increasing conversion rates.

One way to do this is by asking the searcher a question with your headline. Not only does it pose a question in the ad headline, it also uses very particular phrasing (“Protecting your family”) that implies solidarity and dependability – qualities that you could very well be looking for in a divorce attorney.

Of course, window dressing is one way to get prospective customers’ attention, but online, this task falls to your PPC ads.

Even if you have the best product or service since sliced bread (or Uber), it won’t matter if you can’t tempt prospects to click on your ads.

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