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However, Delivery Optimization may not be aware of download activity that takes place on other devices in your household.If you have limited connectivity and would like to minimize the impact you can now use the Download settings to throttle your download speed for background downloads.Once you've completed the steps, your system will continue to send parts of updates to other devices on the internet, but the upload bandwidth will be limited to your new configuration.

Windows 10 uses its Delivery Optimization feature to download updates more quickly onto your device using multiple sources (in addition to Microsoft), including from random PCs on the internet and local network.

If you want to stop sending parts of updates only on a limited connection, you need to make sure the network adapter is configured as metered.

After completing the steps, your computer will stop sending updates to PCs on the internet, and uploads will be allowed on any other connection that isn't configured as metered.

Using Measurement Lab Testing Tools Using the Switzerland Network Testing Tool Community Q&A Ever notice that your "high-speed" internet connection seems to drop off in the middle of a good download?

Bandwidth throttling happens when a server attempts to limit the amount of bandwidth that a given service may use.

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