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You can agree with others in principle but disagree with the details. Use trash talk or just criticize others which communicates confidence when used properly. For example, you can try words like "I've finished 10 cases this month. Do not use offensive language such as racist or sexist talks.Maintain your stand and state it repeatedly when necessary. Ask a group of friends to walk with you especially when walking into new places.

Meeting foreign clients in their own turf is one of the objectives of companies going global and they are willing to invest heavily to make sure they capture and retain new consumers.

But some cultures consider direct eye contact as rude and disrespectful, so you have to be careful when applying this technique.

Besides, rolling your eyes and glaring while talking to people will also intimidate others.

You look important and confident with an entourage behind you, which also makes you come off as a dominant figure.

Your entourage can boast about your abilities and achievements to others.

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