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If you start a fire you might also attract the police, and it can be hard to shake them. But you can drive to the Pay-N-Spray, get out, get into another vehicle, then take that to the Pay-N-Spray.

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Others like to do this mission in Angel Pine, which is also recommended as a good place for the Paramedic mission because of the low traffic level.If you start far enough north of Las Santos but south of Hankypanky Point, you can avoid having to fight fires in LS, but also not have to manage too many overpasses.You might need to go into Palamino Creek, but that's very easy. This means you can walk through fires without being harmed. One such station is located just south of the Doherty garage in San Fierro. You can attract fire trucks by setting fires (for example, by shooting cars in their gas tanks or by throwing grenades at them), or go to a fire station to find one parked.It isn't too lively right now, but as members submit them, they will be come readily availible for your use. Grand Theft Auto captured 5 out of the 19 awards at the Golden Joystick Awards in London in the beginning of the month. Don't forget to check out the e-mails, they contain some info as well... Link: Official GTA LCS Site Well the first nuggets of info are starting to come through now that suggest San Andreas will be re-released without the hot coffee scenes near the end of this month.* Play Station 2 Game of the Year * BBC Radio One - Colin and Edith's Best Game Soundtrack of 2005 * Hero of 2005 (CJ) * Villain of 2005 (Officer Tenpenny) * Nuts Magazine's Ultimate Game of 2005 Source The official GTA Liberty City Stories site has been updated. It has been suggested by that San Andreas will be ready to ship on the 29th of August.Each level has the same number of fires (cars plus people) as the level number, but each car will have at most three burning passengers. Unlike the Paramedic mission, you can attempt this mission anywhere you want. Las Venturas has been suggested as good choice because it's completley flat.However, the other vehicles and cops can get in the way.Although the controversy may have put the game in the limelight, this obviously is one step too far.It looks likely that GTA San Andreas will not be available now until Rockstar can release a alternative version that will not allow the 'Hot Coffee Mod' to work.

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