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Staying in touch with your ex during the initial phases of her new relationship will accomplish absolutely nothing, but disappearing from view will get her wondering where you are, and how you're handling the new of her new boyfriend.Cutting all ties with your ex girlfriend includes any type of communication where she might email or text-message you as well.This might be small consolation to you right now, as you're preoccupied with envisions her kissing and dating someone else.But in the grand scheme of things, a rebound romance is probably your best chance of getting her back. No, there's nothing you can do about it right now - and actually, anything you do to try and interfere is going to come off as desperate and jealous.Both of these goals can be accomplished if you apply the right techniques, but timing is especially crucial in the case where your ex is dating another guy.The first thing to do is to wait out the beginning, or "honeymoon" stages of her new relationship.

But if your girl just broke up with you recently and then jumped into this new relationship?Learn all the ways you can rekindle your romance and bring back the sparks that flew at the beginning of your relationship.Being the person she fell in love with at this point is what will attract your ex more than anything else.As fast as a rebound can fail however, there's always the chance that your exgirlfriend's new relationship succeeds for a time.If this happens, you'll need to know how to first win back her interest, and then win back her heart.This is easy to do once you've been apart for a while, as both of you will be eager to talk - at least casually.This is probably best done through a phone call, or a simple email saying hello.This is the time where her new boyfriend can do nothing wrong, and everything is all puppy dogs and ice cream for her.You could show your ex a mugshot of her new boyfriend's murder charge... She's going to stay with this guy until the honeymoon ends, which could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, even a month.And you're representing strength and support - two things she needs more than anything right now.Transitioning from this supportive role back into that of a boyfriend should be simple, but it's made even easier when you know these techniques.

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