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One way to get a close shave using a DE razor is to make up to 3 passes during a shave.Apply lather with a brush and make the first pass WTG (with the grain), then rinse and re-lather.Facial haircuts easier and more effectively if shaved from different directions.The key is to take your time, relax and enjoy the sensation of a close shave. An important consideration when choosing a razor is the shape of one’s face and hands.This 3-piece DE safety razor delivers a shave of outstanding quality.The shaver is slightly head heavy; thus the weight of the head facilitates an extra close shave.Many find that a handle with knurling — a pattern intertwined with the metal of the razor — allows a more confident grip and greater control.Naturally, the characteristics of one’s hair come into play.

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DOVO has greatly expanded their shave plane production, offering super-premium platinum blades and 100% metal shavers (available in brass, non-corrosive steel or die-cast) with balanced ergonomic designs.

As one gains experience with DE shaving, he will develop a technique that’s right for his specific facial features.

It should be mentioned that shaving with a DE razor by using multiple passes results in beard reduction.

Men with smaller faces likely will prefer a razor with a smaller head.

Those with large hands may choose a razor with a longer handle.

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