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It works quite well in other, less serious situations too.

Just like Buzz Builder did for their sales presentation: A very strong emotional appeal.

The appeal works great to change behaviors that may be life-threatening (like rash driving and teen smoking).

Presentations on these themes can employ this appeal to create a high impact.

United Colors of Benetton got a lot of attention (and criticism) by showing pope Benedict XVI and imam Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb kissing each other, a black woman breastfeeding a white baby in another ad and a newborn still attached to umbilical cord in another.

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Ethos3 use this appeal to target professional speakers and practically everyone about to step on the dreaded stage to give a speech: Romance is in the air and definitely in many of the ads.touch the deepest, raw emotions in each one of us and give the ads the power they wield over us.Do you use these well-established advertising appeals in your presentation? The appeal has to reflect in your cover slide, otherwise your hard work will get lost in the presentation clutter.Who thought this appeal could be used for a business presentation, right? Old Spice body wash ads featuring former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa in vacation settings appear ridiculous yet very funny. Especially, in informative presentations, this appears to be an impossible task.Piethis shows the way by bringing together two leading Apple personalities in a Power Point presentation on Steve Jobs.Fear can be removed by adopting the advertisers’ product, service or idea. Just like Empowered Presentations did in their cover slide to stop death by Power Point: Tugs at the universal human appeal to succeed in one’s endeavors.No wonder, one of the most used appeals by companies that offer expert guidance.So, here’s the moment of truth- Your presentation is an advertisement.And it has to be as good as a TV commercial or a print ad. Here’s how: Advertisers have since centuries crafted their ads around the power of an APPEAL.Advertisers often instill fear in audiences’ mind by highlighting the negative outcomes of an action or inaction.World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) used the fear appeal very creatively to campaign against climate change.

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