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Wanda is described as "A short and simple, yet unforgettable tale of two wanderers on their adventure in search of the meaning of their existence in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

On the same quest, the two form an unexpected and peculiar bond as their simple tale of survival turn into extraordinarily gripping moments in this lonely place." With a unique story and beautiful custom artwork, Wanda is sure to be a game worth experiencing!

The spotlight is going to have three general sections: 1. He has an impressive array of scripting utilities as well as compatibility patches to use with other popular scripts.

You're not actually the hero (but you think you are)A new Maker is being released, and with it, some new boards!Well, regardless, he was the main force behind the reorganization of the boards.Another driving force behind the RMRK restoration project, Irock jumped back into the mod saddle even after voluntarily stepping down.He tends to rub newer people the wrong way due to his sometimes bizarre sense of humor, but we all know that deep down, he's the heart of RMRK. Either way, he's important, and we'd probably die without him maybe.Where would we be without our glorious babe-tastic leader?Many of us had given up hope of ever regaining the former size of our community.But lo, like William Wallace rallying the Scots to fight for their beloved homeland, Strike rallied us to resuscitate RMRK, and I mean, RMRK's kind of like our homeland, right?This beautiful game has a medieval style captured quite well! In a 2D-influenced environment, it's hard not to double-take the impressive looks of these games. There are already some impressive entries for this month's theme: Favorite book or movie character!The features of this game are also pretty nice: realistic lighting (yes, please), lots of quests = lots to do, visible equipment (I want to look GREAT ok), fishing, and much more! If you're into the dark and spooky stuff, be sure to take a look! The RPG Maker community is always in need of more dedicated pixel artists, and Swamp Beast's contributions have been outstanding.Red Raven has started a great looking game in RPG Maker XP.It promises to offer tons of exploration and secrets, as well as an intriguing botany system and a variety of mounts with which to traverse the world.

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