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It’s no wonder online security breaches are becoming so prolific.

Everybody and their grandmother is getting hacked these days.

I have, however, included a few here for reference: Let’s face it, people are terrible at passwords.

We use passwords that are easy to guess, we re-use them across sites, and we keep all sorts of terrible password practices.

Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve made it a habit to do an annual overhaul of my personal digital security.

Each year, I review all of my online life for security threats, and commit to improving every year.

For example, i Messages have shown up on my computer’s notifications when not logged in, and my personal messages have come up on my computer during business presentations (unless I explicitly turn it off).Several friends and colleagues were interested in a guide to doing the same; so I thought I would write one up and share with all of you: my closest internet friends. Let’s do something about that, by beefing up our own personal digital security. Digital is pervading every corner of our lives, yet most people are terrible about security.Given how much sensitive information of ours is kept in our online accounts, the first thing you can do to beef up your security is to secure the way you log in online.The risk: You use a password at a mom-and-pop website to create an account.For example, ringing your Mac Book when your phone rings.I’m not personally very comfortable with this (it’s made it more obvious that I’m getting a phone call in business settings), so I disabled this at Settings - Calls on Other Devices.Many apps allow the option to add passcodes or Touch ID inside the app.Imagine a situation where you give your phone to someone (like a curious 10-year-old nephew who wants to play a game) — is there any app you wouldn’t want that person to access?This is an area where convenience conflicts with security: each person should make an informed choice on what they’re comfortable with.Location services are the systems on your phone which provide GPS location access to the apps on your phone.

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