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All we can do is keep up the good fight that he started and try to keep his dreams alive. Yes, I'm afraid you do have to register to post but real details are optional.Quite frankly, I wish I could but there are no words to express how much we're grieving and how much of a loss this is to the cause.

We have prioritized the cipher list accepted by our servers to ensure higher order ciphers are negotiated first if possible. On connecting to the IRC, the server notice window will show you the cipher your client has negotiated with our server.For this reason we have done the following: changed all keys to RSA 4096 bit, deprecated SHA1 and changed certificates to SHA256 and prioritized strong ciphers such as ECDH.Stay tuned for more information on TLS updates to our IRCd infrastructure.We will be using only 4096 bit RSA keys, and certificates with SHA256 hashing after this upgrade.If you verify our certificate fingerprints note that these will change, we will tweet out the new certificate fingerprints after the upgrades are complete.;) Requiescat In Pace owen, forever you'll be in our hearts.By the end of this week (Saturday, June 13th) we will have disabled access to our IRC network via plaintext.Anyone using a modern client should have no issues with these changes.Beyond enforcing a minimum TLS version we are also going to force the use of specific ciphersuites that are generally considered to be safe.An example would be: *** You are connected using SSL cipher "DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384.In the end, its YOUR client that determines the cipher used so every user should verify they are using a strong one.

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