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The Choice Board foldable is great for organization and tracking student completion.Students score themselves at the end of the week on how they did on Choice Time activities.In my classroom I have organized an area where students can find supplies for their Choice Board activities and Choice Challenges.It's an area where they will not distract my small group lesson or the students working independently on tasks at their seat.Terry George had Jackson talking about masturbation on the telephone with him; Jason Francia endured hugging, then kissing, then fondling of his genitals (disguised as tickling); Jordan detailed a steady progression from hugging to kissing to fondling to oral sex; and Wade, who knew Jackson the longest and was seemingly the closest to him, included all of that plus went further to include sodomy. From what we know about acquaintance molesters they become more bold with their victims as time goes by. Jackson defenders insist that Wade Robson is only after money, and is lying about the abuse.Jackson waited to see what he could get away with before progressing to the next level of intimacy. Why Wade would ruin his career by claiming abuse from Jackson is unfathomable, and no amount of money would be sufficient to cover the shame and embarrassment of admitting to (or even lying about) being sodomized by a celebrity such as Jackson.This year I decided to rethink my station management (again).

You can decide what activities you want your students to complete.More than just reading a book quietly or drawing a picture.Student engagement will pay off in the long run and you will be able to put your entire focus on your small group instruction, which is most important. They want to feel like they are in charge of their own decisions.To most people, there has been so much evidence now of Jackson’s predilection for young boys, it beggars belief that some rational, thoughtful people are still on the fence regarding his guilt.Even though we know that Jackson entertained different boys for at least 850 or more nights, owned books featuring photos of naked young boys, and paid a lot of money to boys who accused him of molestation, once we take into account the Halo Effect, it is easy for some to have residual doubts about whether Jackson is guilty or not.Teacher then also has a check list of work quality and behavior during Choice Time.And guess what is the best part of the Choice Boards?To date, we have the detailed accounts of four boys who have been molested by, or had to endure overtures from, Jackson – Terry George, Jason Francia, Jordan Chandler and Wade Robson.I have put them in that order for a very good reason, and it is this: The closer Jackson became to a boy, and the longer he knew a boy, the further the abuse progressed.Once they finish their required 3 choice activities they can move onto a Choice Challenge.Choice Challenges are engaging early finishers that aren't just busy work.

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