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With my hands on her ass I put more weight on them and really started fucking her harder.

I could hear her moaning into the pillow and could tell she was close.

We could fuck and make love as much as we wanted to.

I slowly started pulling back feeling her pussy reluctant to let me slide out of her.

I got the pill while I was there." She said smiling at me.

"I was going to ask if I should use this." I said pulling a condom out of my pocket. My boner was sticking through my shorts rubbing against her.

I went over to the door and there Emily was still wearing that sexy skirt that I knew she didn't have any panties on underneath. You're funny, cute, Smart I just like spending time with you and to me that's just like you being my girlfriend ya know." She looked at me smiling. I was kinda afraid I was just some kind of kinky turn on for you. I thought you might think of me as some sick freak." "Nope, I think it's really nice. She looked back at me and slid her hand over my leg and started rubbing my cock.

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We had my whole room to ourselves we didn't have to hide from any one hear.

"We went to the store today too." I laughed and threw the condom on the floor. I spun her around pressing my boner against her ass and grabbing both of her tits with my hands. Her skirt moved up high enough for my dick to find her pussy lips when i pushed against her.

"When you got out of the car I could see your pussy from behind and I saw my cum dripping out of it. Just start fucking me." She said reaching behind her trying to push my shorts down. I let go of her perfect firm breasts and slid my hands down her tight stomach and hips. I reached down and flipped her skirt over her back revealing her perfect round ass. "Hurry up and fuck me." She said looking back at me biting her lip.

I bent over sliding my hands up her shirt grabbing both her breasts and pulled her off the bed holding her up as I thrust into her again and again from behind.

"these are pretty amazing too." I said kissing her neck.

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