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But, as it turns out, Penikett’s manager had been told a similar story. Karpluk calls it Crocodile Dundee meets Game of Thrones and it all unfolds in six or seven-minute segments that begin streaming Tuesday at

Two days into the shoot, the actor asked “So, Karpluk, how do you know these guys? Karpluk can also be seen on traditional TV these days as the mysterious Officer Juliette Ward in Season 6 of Rookie Blue.

Her exuberance is contagious at her photo shoot; she has the entire room laughing as she flashes her gorgeous smile, blows kisses and goofily shows off ‘her triceps for the camera. Everything in life is fun if you make it.’ Having grown up in the Rocky Mountains, Erin’s love of being active began with hiking and downhill skiing, passions she still enjoys.

As a child, she dreamed of being an actress, and never wavered from that goal.

You’re still getting a full story, it’s just in a more condensed time. Erica often holds on to the past or feels the need to control her surroundings, which I can identify with.Erin is less girly, more likely to spend a makeup-free weekend fishing with her brother near Jasper.Alongside her recurring role on Rookie Blue for the past two years, she has also starred in Saving Hope, Life Unexpected, The L Word and Godiva’s.She is about to start production on a miniseries that she can’t talk about, except to say that her character will be very different than Kim or Erica.“I would say Being Erica and Riftworld are probably the most close I’ve been to a character where I read it and immediately it was in me,” she says.She fell in love with swimming and cycling in Toronto. A., and will only reveal that she hopes to play roles viewers can relate to.‘I like playing imperfect characters, through whom the audience can identify their own insecurities and humanity,’ she says.She had been friends with the actor, best known for his stint as Karl Agathon on Battlestar Galactica, for 15 years, going back to when both where fledgling thespians at Vancouver’s Lyric School of Acting. Together they attempt to figure out the secrets that are putting both their worlds in peril.But they had never worked together, so the prospect of acting with him while helping out his friends at the same time made perfect sense. Meanwhile, Alar endures his strange new surroundings in a series of fish-out-of-water scenarios and tries to find his way home. It starred Erin as Erica Strange, who is unhappily single and in a dead-end job, and has a long list of regrets. Tom, has the power to send her back in time so she can to try to fix her mistakes. There were some big ‘aha’ moments while filming.’ For all that Erin and Erica have in common, they are also very different’regardless of how often Erin is mistakenly called Erica, much to her annoyance.Over its four seasons, Erica gains insights about herself and family, builds a career and finds love. (She recalls the time CBC printed a large banner reading ‘Erica Karpluk’ in error.) Erin is more playful, with a quick-witted, occasionally sarcastic humour, unlike Erica.

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