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If you have questions of your own or need more information and tips, you please feel to write us a message or register for a free matchmaking consultation.

Yes, it is written correctly - the first consultation is totally free.

But they do not form the majority of the clients of International matrimonial agencies such as

In spite of low level of life in Russia and Ukraine, there are rich people here, and a growing middle class.

You consent to our cookies usage if you continue to use website.If most or your ladies are from Zaporozhye, you can also take domestic flights to Zaporozhye or Dnepropetrovsk ( closest city to Zaporozhye).If from Odessa - you can fly directly to Odessa, there is an airport there. In our opinion, if a man is not sure about making a proposal to one particular lady upon travelling to Ukraine, it is wise to be in communication with several ladies in order not to narrow ones options.Such relationship many Ukrainian/Russian men do not want. A woman is ready to move to another country and understand that she will need some time for adaptation, and during this time she will have to depend completely on her husband.But this criterion, in most cases, is not as high as men think.At, we receive all kinds of questions about Ukrainian dating, matchmaking service, Ukrainian women's personality or romance trips to Ukraine.On this page, we cover a few of the basic questions below.When people who speak different languages first meet, they are concerned about how their communication will happen!An experienced interpreter will build a conversation in a way that you will never notice her presence.And our general manager is based in Ukraine and can be reached any time you need via telephones: Our company’s License number is 836852.We have offices in Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Kherson cities.

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