Dating the younger man

ALSO READ: Seven natural ways to maintain freshness in your house “They are, however, not that open and straight forward like their male counterparts. Some are those innocent-looking teachers, business ladies, widowed neighbours, our aunts, our mothers’ friends, strangers at events or even fellow parishioners at our local churches.They are all innocent as they come, until they subtly start to flirt,” reveals a certain Kuria*, who confesses of having been hit on by an older neighbour he had all a long been respecting and according same reverence he does to his mother.There is a way these young men want to be wooed, or so it seems.For starters, foolishly behaving like a teenager and duplicating puppy love doesn’t suffice, they say. Yet it wasn’t until that first, in-person sexual experience that I truly discovered the healing joys of a younger man.I’m going to tell something very personal about myself when answering this question.

With their children now all grown and out of the way, their randy husbands out there playing ‘sponsors’ to campus girls and caught up in their own indulgences such as business, these aging, bored, rich women are now coming out to play!

Wannabe cougar guide The 26-year-old says being a gigolo in a country where older women are placed on a pedestal of sorts in as far as morality is concerned is a herculean task that requires a lot of courage.

But just because these women are bolder and care less what society says about them doesn’t mean the feeling is always mutual to the younger men.

“Just the way we have had dirty old men, we now have dirty old women.

These ladies have learnt the tricks from the best; their male counterparts.

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