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Then there is distress for the nation until, in the final chapter Dan. The pagan philosopher Porphyry at the beginning of the 4th cent.12’s exclamation of ultimate triumph over death and there is justice for the righteous. CE derided the idea that the visions of Daniel were prophecies of the future.The book is placed by Christians, following the LXX, in the section of the OT after the major prophets; but in the Hebrew Bible it is included among the Writings.The first six chapters contain the popular stories of the Burning Fiery Furnace, Belshazzar’s Feast, and the Lions’ Den.This conclusion often annoys those who place a lot of stock in ‘fulfilled biblical prophecy’ as a proof of the ‘inspiration’ of the Bible.So, you often see them accuse the scholar of basing their conclusion — not on the facts, as is the case — but on some ‘bias’ against prophecy itself.But beyond this temporary victory, the book has a promise for the suffering people: death is not a final word. There were also the Greek translations of the LXX and of Theodotion (2nd cent.CE); these versions included certain additions—the Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Young Men inserted at Dan.

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These few items are included within the canonical text of Catholic Bibles (as NJB); but in NRSV and REB they are placed in the inter-testamental Apocrypha.The heathen kingdoms are symbolized by ‘beasts’ under whom the Jews suffer, but in the face of death Daniel’s companions display loyalty to their God (Dan.3) who miraculously preserves them in the furnace and, later, Daniel in the lions’ den (Dan. The message to the readers is: remain faithful to the covenant and ultimately Israel will be vindicated. This is a position reached by first examining the historical, theological and literary nature of the Book of Daniel.In other words, it is a conclusion, not an assumption.It was a book which could be updated to accord with changing historical conditions. CE, interpreted the fourth beast as the Romans and assumed that Daniel’s reference to ‘the abomination of desolation’ (Dan.11: 31) must have been a prediction of the desecration of the Temple in 70 CE; while Christians—for whom the coming of the Son of Man (Dan.Collins’ finding that the Book of Daniel is to be dated to an assumption before research begins.That is, the finding that the Book of Daniel’s prophecies were written ‘after the fact’ is the conclusion from Collins’ examination of the Book of Daniel’s historical, theological, literary evidence, along with its failed (and therefore future) prophecies in Dan 11.40-45.7: 13) meant the death and exaltation of Jesus—were equally aware of the eschatological significance of the abomination (Mark 13: 14). It was long assumed, and is still assumed by some conservative students of the OT, that the book is describing the faithfulness of Jews to their religion under Babylonian and Persian overlords in the 6th cent.BCE and was prophesying further horrors in the future.

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