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During the Neolithic period which lasted two thousand years from 7500 BC, the god of vegetation, corn, winter and death, offered himself as a sacrifice each year during the cutting down of corn, he was then reborn during the winter solstice, as the Sun god.Shrines to the goddess associated with the three phases of the Moon, waxing, full and waning, were built during the Neolithic period, the Moon offered the first ways by which time was calculated.Another type of witchcraft that has been practiced since the early nineteen seventies, is taken from the Italian witches who worshipped Diana as the triple goddess of the Moon.Other groups and covens have been formed, some with a structured learning system, and others who create their own rituals, ceremonies, and spells, and ensue other forms of witchcraft.They originally descended from the Netherlands, and magical knowledge was passed down from generation to generation.A special ritual was practiced by the water people, a triple magical square was constructed out of wood, with each square joined by four lines, this was known as the mill.

Successful magic comes from the practitioner who takes responsibility for their actions, and always works from light, with the practice of magic comes heightened psychic abilities that seem to spontaneously surface over time.

Only the women were allowed to enter the sacred space, this was overseen by a senior female water witch, the Master who was the chief male, called upon the entity to assist in the ritual.

Wicca is one of the major forms of witchcraft today, although many of the rituals are steeped in ancient traditions, there is a certain formality associated with it, with covens, or gatherings practicing rituals and invoking the goddess energy.

Over the centuries there have been high ranking practitioners of magic, including royalty and popes, a surprisingly tolerant attitude was adopted where they were concerned.

In the English Midlands there were witches known as the Midland water witches.

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