Dating perfection oil heaters

It's interesting to compare the results from two analyses 15 years apart.

According to the technician at Aero Accessories from whom I picked up the overhauled alternator this morning, it's just a plastic connection designed to avoid dropping metal fragments into the engine in case the link fails.

Late in June I sent away an oil sample for spectroscopic analysis.

The last time I did this was in 2003, shortly after Melmoth 2 had begun flying.

I then decided to do an oil change, and to get a spectroscopic oil analysis while I'm at it, something -- the analysis, not the oil change -- I haven't done for 15 years or so.

Things went fairly smoothly this time, since after last time's flood I wrote "Aft end" at one end of the trough that conveys the used oil into the bucket.

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