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I am very cuddly and comfortable with my girl friends, but with my guy friends, I basically have a no-touch policy.

I don't hug my guy friends except for rare occasions (like when we're saying goodbye before a long time apart), I don't give or receive back massages from guys, won't hold their hands or put my arm around them or let them do any of that to me.

Thanks for any advice you can give or past articles you could point me to. The attraction question seems to be coming up a lot lately! I guess my first question back to you would be, "Is this about how he looks or how he acts? " I believe that men tend to be more swayed by whether they like the way a woman looks, while women, generally speaking, base attraction on what a man is like — his personality.

And a guy with a great personality can become attractive to a woman as she grows in friendship with him.

Women were less attracted to men high in attachment avoidance irrespective of culture, though attachment anxiety and avoidance were unrelated to male initial romantic attraction.

Chinese women were more attracted to men higher in attachment anxiety, whereas attachment anxiety was unrelated to attraction in Western women.

No need to feel like it's your job to move the relationship in that direction — it's his. It's my hope that single believers are holding both looks and personality lightly enough to weigh character. And where the character is godly and sound, there's at least the possibility that attraction will grow.

Is there enough between you — in the form of friendship and mutual enjoyment and respect — to give love a chance to develop? I wasn't completely attracted to Steve when we first met.

However, no research has examined the pan-cultural applicability of attachment and initial romantic attraction, referring to the extent to which attachment processes are implicated in romantic attraction across cultures.

He's healthy and in good shape and not a bad-looking guy, but I just don't look at him and think, According to all my friends who are in relationships, that's a problem.

I think it's appropriate that I have been protecting myself from forming physical/sexual desires for him while we're still just friends.

The (Christian) friends I've asked for advice seem to think that if I don't have this overwhelming desire to touch him and kiss him, and even a desire to have sex with him now (though, of course, with the understanding that we'd never have sex before marriage), I should wait until I do feel that burning, passionate desire to be physically close to him before I accept his advances for a relationship.

This seems ridiculous to me — why should I want to be tempted to sin with him?

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