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Not really the place to get a sense of 'Olde England' - but a better bet for shopaholics - a large jewelry sector. You can also explore the 'White Cliffs' coastline from here.The only negative thing about Brighton is that it thinks too highly of itself, and got a mention in 'The Idler guide to crap towns' for that reason. 5) - famous for the being world's largest inhabited castle, largely restored after a huge fire. If you're into castles a day trip to Warwick (easily do-able by train) might be a better bet, though, of course, it's not inhabited by the Queen.They run just as fast as electric or diesel, by the way.The English Heritage website is a good place to plan specific visits.The palace is less than 5 minutes from Hampton Court station, which is 30 minutes from Waterloo. Website 2) - We've worked out what we think is the ultimate roadtrip.You can take a boat trip there - takes about 3 1/2 hours. The dreaming spires of Oxford, standing stone circles at Stonehenge and Avebury, the gothic cathedral of Salisbury, beautiful thatched villages like Upavon, amazing countryside where Druids still hold ceremonies - in one day you can see them all - sadly only by car.

Whitstable is also good for a daytrip to sample the food. This once thriving village has lost most of its life to yuppie weekenders and bankers with huge undeserved bonuses and the Royal Oak is now the only place to stay, but the village has gained in picturesqueness and tranquility.

Not really out of London, but there's plenty to see in this village on the river with a proud maritime history.

Go by river and come back by the Dockland's Light Railway (or vice versa).

Hiring a car is a viable proposition but parking can be a problem - see our A-Z page for details. That said following years of cuts in the railway service, many beautiful places are not really accessible by train.

New for 2003 is the possibility of day trips (eg Canterbury, Salisbury, Bath) by Steam Train - see here for details - more costly than other outings but if you're a fan of steam you probably won't care!

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