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Through the years, the star said they've had to relearn to communicate. Who cares if people like me as a singer or not, they can find other singers and there will be other singers. "It's lessons that every married couple should know to hold their relationship together... But no other mother can be a better mother for my children than me." The couple were devastated yet again when Angélil's cancer returned in 2013. Then it was so strong that my whole family was in love with him and she had no choice." Eventually, the couple married in a lavish wedding ceremony at Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica on December 17, 1994, which was broadcast live on Canadian television.In 1998, the couple's world was shaken when Angélil was diagnosed with throat cancer.For a couple of weeks, the couple traveled through Canada and the United States.And during the trip, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge proved how in sync they were by donning matching cowboy hats at the Calgary Stampede Parade on July 8."While I was singing, he started to cry," Celine has said."I knew then I had done a good job." In 1981, Angélil even mortgaged his house to finance her album and took the teen and her mother on tour in Canada, Japan, and Europe.

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Andrew's University in Scotland — and by the spring, they were searching for an apartment to share their second year.It's rare in the entertainment world to see a couple so devoted to each other.But Dion and Angélil, who passed away January 14, proved that this kind of love is not only possible — but can also be lasting. And after years of building her career and a life together, the singer stayed by her husband of 21 years' side throughout his final battle with cancer.Despite her demanding career, Dion chose to step back and take a hiatus to focus on her personal life and care for her husband.Looking back on their years of marriage, the star has said they've certainly had tough times: "We had tension between us.The couple celebrated by renewing their wedding vows in a traditional Melkite Byzantine ceremony in Las Vegas. "And René says to me, 'I want to die in your arms.' OK, fine, I'll be there, you'll die in my arms." On January 14, Céline Dion said her final goodbye to her husband.Of the elaborate event, Dion said: "It's almost like a show, and we're show business people." Years of difficult fertility treatments finally paid off, and Dion gave birth to son René Charles, the couple's first child, on January 25. "René Angélil, 73, passed away this morning as his home in Las Vegas after a long and courageous battle against cancer," the rep said in a statement to .When Dion was 19, she and Angélil went on their first official date in 1987 (though she admitted that they started seeing each other about a year before that). "When I told her I had some really strong feelings for René she tried everything to kill him and make me snap out of it.She didn't announce their relationship until five years later in the liner notes of her album, They got engaged in 1991, even though their romance was still a secret to the world. I was very frustrated and mad at first but she tried to make me understand that this man tried marriage twice before, he has three children, he's not responsible...We take a look back at the many highs and occasional lows of their sweet romance.After one of Dion's 13 siblings sent a tape of a then 12-year-old Celine singing to Angélil, the well-known music manager invited her to audition in Quebec.

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