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Queiroz has been practically begging the Iranian football federation for a contract renewal and one sits on the table with a duration of six months.That is far, far too short for Queiroz, who wants four years, and he has the public backing of his players too.This World Cup will go down as a step in the right direction for Iranian football.

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The events of this past week could certainly help in that regard.That stadium ban had been one of the issues affecting the team en-route to the games with captain Masoud Shojaei speaking out in favour of overturning it.FIFA president Gianni Infantino – as well as Iranian president Hassan Rouhani – have both pledged to see the ban disappear.A retired colonel in the Iranian Air Force, Saeed’s father looked at him with a straight face, not moving a muscle. He had spent three decades in the military, and had been shaped equally by its rigorous discipline and his religious upbringing. ” he said, turning to his wife, then added: “Saeed, this is your nature. You should have told us earlier.” Saeed burst into tears, relieved.“I always knew you were different from my other children. His mother took his hands and nodded, “What can we do to help?He has clashed with practically everyone involved in Iranian football at all levels.Things reached a surreal nadir when earlier this year he texted the host of Iran’s most popular football show during the broadcast to let him know what he thought about Ali Karimi, the legendary forward who was in the studio as a guest.” In a different country, this coming out story might not be considered out of the ordinary.But Saeed, a pensive, handsome 25-year-old with a faux-hawk and meticulously groomed stubble, lives in Iran, where Islamic law criminalizes same-sex relations.The diaspora means Iranians are spread throughout Europe and North America, and second generation Americans and Canadians had their faces painted in the Iran colours on matchdays. It will go down as the beginning of a bright new era – whatever difficulties are facing Iran off the pitch.Saeed was 20 years old when he sat his father down and told him he was gay.

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