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I expect about five to six days of driving each way, and ya boy is mostly broke (only got enough money for gas and food, you know what it is) so I will be most likely sleeping in my car. Video games (specifically have a ps4), books (horror crime fantasy scifi), food (most?

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Having to deal with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of such requests would take an impossible amount of time. everything hurts i just wish someone would squeeze me until all that exists in the universe is us, the moment, peace and i wish the someone was older and stronger because i still have a fair amount of growing to do and i wish this didn't take place in a big city because those overwhelm me so much and i'm already nearly constantly overwhelmed and in exchange, i'll do absolutely everything in my power to make you happy and make you feel like the most fulfilled human in the world. it's a dream, and dreams don't come true but maybe we could at least try and maybe it would be worth something good after all edit: I am sorry but I have to go to bed.

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