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Well, first of all, let’s get one thing straight: when people give you vague notes, it’s usually not because they’re holding something back. What exactly is it that people mean when they send these common notes on Photofeeler?For these reasons, it’s best to take notes with a grain of salt.(For specific info on how to raise photo scores, there’s plenty on this blog!

Mis-communication between men and women is probably the biggest reason why a lot of people are still single. Surely there are those who try to create a profile that they think truly reflects themselves (I know a person can see themselves differently to how someone else might... Firstly what sort of percentage when one is conscious with a partner was found to be full of joy and excitement.

Must be passionate about your career - Must earn lots of money Where are all the genuine guys? I'm training for a half-marathon - I intend to start training for a half-marathon.

/sick of being messed about - Despite being a 5/10 at best I simply cannot understand why the 9s and 10s are pumping and dumping me. I love to read - Aren't the horoscopes in the magazines of the Doctor's waiting room unerringly accurate even 2 years later?

So on th ebasis of the evidence it might be a better strategy rather than inform the deaf they like to smile and laugh, that its not a choice of a fun partner, but more the sort of misery they will tolerate for the sake of some sort of companionship.

Maybe its also about time that when sex is far from satisfying women have the guts to inform the lucky male of their glaring deficiencies, as its not just about instant self gratification, there are others to consider. I don't do drugs - but your garden shed will start stinking of pot on a regular basis.

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