Dating depression tips

The relationship was not a healthy one, but I was too afraid of getting out.

That is the danger with failing to enter relationships for the right reasons. I’m open about my struggle with depression (hence the blog) but found it difficult to be vocal about it with someone I liked.

I’m a strict vegetarian, I dabble in yoga (frequently)… That’s not how I introduce myself, but it is what I thought of saying when anyone asked me if and why I was single.

I love the food channel, Paulo Coelho is my favorite writer and I’m a fan of the Harry Potter series.

You begin to believe you are deserving of less because you have depression — and thus tolerate anything that might come along with the relationship. Saying it out loud around them felt like being diagnosed all over again.

But if this person is someone you plan to be with for a long while, you have to allow yourself to be in that position of vulnerability. He found out about my depression on my blog and asked about it when I least expected.

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