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The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is recognized as an important monument with religion scholars, archaeologists, scientists and historians.It has the singular honor of being the only holy site on earth that each of these groups agree biblical and historical actions did in fact take place here.

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I received my certificate of Authenticity today – thank you so much.Traveling to the Holy Land is an expensive proposition. Zebie I prayed that my wife and I would get a loan for our very first house, after renting for over 14 years and our prayers have been answered we close next week. Praise be to God and Jesus his son our lord and savior. She has a Montissori school that has agreed to take her and work with her to catch up on the things she is behind on, due to issues with her Current teacher.Holy Land Prayer enables you to bring God’s love to you, or to those whom you are praying for. Ann It is with the greatest thank you for praying for my dear son Connor.May God continue to bless the prayer warriors increase the anointing in you guys (the holy land program) in Jesus name. Isabele I wanted to give thanks to God and to all of those who took the time to pray for Dad that he be healed from cancer. I am PLEASED to share, that the follow up test results showed nothing… I will continue to pray for others in need on this site and lift them up as you All have lifted me up! When she went into the hospital to get a catherization done on a large blockage that was showing on her test in her heart they found that the blockage was not large but very small and considered normal and there is no need for a stint at this time . The images you send, showing my prayer request on the stone of anointing, are uplifting and proof that you follow through on your commitment to assist those in need. LSM Hiya everyone, I sent a prayer request to Holy Land Prayer regarding my indefinite leave visa to remain in the UK. Thank you God for being there with Connor is this devastating time. Thank you Lord for the Love that you gave to all mankind.He received the results of his CT scan on Tuesday and received the most amazing news. The Oncologist said she is just stopping short of saying that his cancer is in remission until she does a second CT scan in a few months. Thank you all and God bless With you Lord, nothing is impossible!!! On Friday the 13th of April, I received some good news from my lawyer, his office received a notice of approval of my green card application. When i asked you Lord to intercede and help me get my visa approved, it didn’t take much longer and you granted my prayer. Thank you @and to the priest who prayed for my request, for making it possible to the tomb of Jesus. I want to thank you for this prayer site and for all the prayers and most of all thank you Lord Jesus. You said, “I will supply all your needs out of my vast store of wealth in heaven.” I believed this, and now I’ve seen you prove it, first hand. And I also posted several occasion on the prayer wall. Thank you also for all the people that help me pray to God. Jacqueline I am writing this since I got my prayer answered.Suzanne I must give you my testimony of miracles after requesting prayer for my son Sammuel, on February,24 2018 who was in coma. I believe I will be a blessing to my new employer; they certainly will be a blessing to me and my family. Elizabeth Thank you so much for all that you do, your prayer request service is so special. By the Only Grace of God I have passed to the Glory of God. Nana It is with the greatest thank you for praying for my dear son Connor.he’s healed and he’s recovering very fast I thank God almighty for answering my prayer. Sincerely, Krista My name is Jacqueline and I had a prayer request concerning a mammogram that showed a 6mm pea sized spot and was told to come for another mammogram and possible ultra sound. Thank you all who prayed for me and thanks to this service. This is probably the most unique prayer request service on the web today. I believe and know that He is Faithful and Just to answer all the is left in His Name. It is by nothing else but God that has changed his way of thinking and he is ready to accept help. Colleen From the bottom of my heart I truly thankful to God for he answered my prayer request.I was amazed when I saw the video of the candle that was lit on my behalf at the Holy Sepulcher complete with my prayer request to JESUS! FOR I AM BELIEVER IN THE POWER OF I do want to share my testimony for the prayer request.It made me so happy to know that my Request has reached the Holiest place on Earth and I am sure that GOD honored me the faith that he gave me! I was praying for restoration on my marriage and for my husband and I to be better husband and wife, parents and people. I bought the candle and prayer service to give me hope in taking my board exams. but I did have doubts at first, the test was the hardest test I ever took and I thought the computer was purposely trying to make me fail. But I remembered the service and the pictures of my candle and prayer Hello, I’m Fidela and I would like to thank the Holy Land Prayer.This is the very place where Joseph of Arimathea prepared the body of Jesus for burial. Thank you, thank you, my most consistent and pressing relationship prayers have been answered. On that day, people that I have been at odds with for a long time, called to wish me Happy Birthday.Photos of your prayer on the Stone of Anointing, and the candle that will be lit on your behalf, will then be emailed to you. Only now hoping that my prayer to be able to conceive again would happen. We had extended conversations and my heart felt glad at the conclusion of each talk.

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