Dating an ex boyfriends friend

I’ve acted too clingy with girls, I’ve tried too hard, and I’ve ruled out women just because they were attractive.

The ideal Evan Jacobs—the brash, bold, confident stud I still want to be—existed for nine months of my sophomore year at the University of Chicago.

While Kathy’s looks made her cute, her interest in science made her hot. She was the inverse of Christine: confident in her intelligence, but unsure of her looks and social skills. The confidence I had gained from dating Christine had altered my personality. It took no summoning of courage to ask Kathy out—the confidence was already there.

She didn’t have Christine’s sex appeal,butshe was undeniably cute—and she had one huge draw that I found myself not only admiring, but lusting after: Kathy was majoring in physics and math. It has an inherent beauty in its absolutism; it shirks sentimentality and pretension; it embraces the universe beyond the insignificant dramas of everyday life; it explains reality and existence more than religion or philosophy ever has.

It should be no surprise, then, that I majored in mathematics myself. Then we would both die and be buried next to each other.

She was very kind, very nice, and although she was very intelligent, I found that there was something missing. She lacked the same cynicism, skepticism, and curiosity.

Even a couple months into the relationship, though I was enjoying spending time with her, I had determined that I probably was not going to fall in love with her.

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