Dating an elgin pocket watch

6% of people say they’ve done this while working out. Clues: PHONE and CART Answer: online shopping Congrats to Maria in Chicago! This one took place when a 28 year-old airport employee allegedly stole a passenger’s bag while cleaning a plane and went on a shopping spree with one of his credit cards – to the tune of over ,000!The amount of ground she was able to cover before getting busted was impressive, but not-so-impressive to have a mug shot. On today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz we had contestant Amy from Chesterton, IN!

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Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about milestones in new relationships.

Louis Tomlinson is the newest judge on UK’s X Factor.

Louis got is start on X Factor in 2010 as a member of what band? The Maxed out Saved By the Bell Complete DVD Collection will be released in October. Prior to his death last month, ‘Old Man’ Richard Harrison from ‘Pawn Stars’ cut his son Christopher out of his will. ONE DIRECTION *BAYSIDE ABC *BASEBALL GOLD & SILVER PAWN SHOP * INDICATES FREE ANSWER GIVEN AT ON THE CHEAT SHEET WITH LISA ALLEN Thanks for listening again today!

We will waste more time again on Monday starting at .

Earlier this week we took listener suggestions for what do eat at the Taste of Chicago, then we went, and now we have video!

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