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And by knowing the difference, you just leveled up your dating game.

So you went out with somebody and you thought she was absolutely amazing. So, how do you ensure getting a second date and capitalizing on the heels of a great first date?

When you take the time to ask yourself how you feel about your date, it's important you don't rush through the process.

"I tell my clients to slow things down and pace ...

This has long-term implications for the relationship because, if you pretend to be someone you aren't in an effort to impress your date, "you may have decreased confidence or be afraid to speak up for your needs or share your opinions because you’re worried [they're] going to dump you" down the road.

So, making sure you are comfortable being yourself around the person you're dating is a really important factor in assessing how you feel about them after that first date.

"Partner selection should be an active choice that enhances our long-term wellbeing." We all should seek partners who lift us up.Are you trying to pick up on nuances of body language? Not only will it help you relax a bit on dates, but it will also help you become better at dating by weeding out the people who are just not quite right for you. Chlipala, dating and relationship expert and licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Elite Daily that there are other reasons why you should prioritize focusing on if your date is a good fit for you.For one thing, "you might make yourself more anxious, or change yourself into the person they want versus staying who you are," she says.After finally working up the courage to ask you out, plan the date, pay for dinner, and so on, a guy wants to know—are you or aren't you?Don’t assume the man will know your level of interest, because we won’t."The caveat to remember though is if you’re repulsed by the date, there’s nothing to consider — no second date!”It's also important to understand that, usually, you can't fully understand how you feel about someone after just one date.(e.g., take her to the park, go to the beach, or take your dogs for a long walk.) Do things that cause her to picture the two of you as a couple. Sitting there and swapping stories over dinner tends to get monotonous after date number one, so start creatively planning different dates so the two of you can start to get to know each other in a very different manner.I think that sometimes we focus so much on the differences between men and women—how we communicate, how our brains are wired, how we approach relationships—that we often forget that when we get down to it, men and women are pretty similar. So now that the secret's out—we're all wondering where we stand with our date—let's look at some common questions guys are asking themselves and how you can address them—and save you both from a lot of unknowns.But for the most part, you already have your answer.The simple fact of the matter is, if we asked you out, we are interested. But the funny thing is, we don’t always know if the feeling is mutual.

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