Dating a physically challenged man

I couldn't help watching her biceps, I had never in my life been attracted to a woman's bicep before.

We chatted and drank some wine until I felt sleepy again.

I know since I am 185 cm and 92 kgs, I have been a shotputter and can lift heavey weights. And I don't want to date a man that is bigger and stronger than me since I enjoy being the stronger.

I am not violent and dominant in other ways but really enjoy wrestling my men down.

Question: I am a man who has been attracted to physically stronger women ever since my freshman year in high school.

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She wore sleeveless tops everyday, and I believe she knew some men were attracted to her evident strength.

My question is, \ I would say it is great with men that can appreciate a woman that is physically stronger.

Most men cannot cope with a woman that is taller, heavier than themselves and stronger is totally out of the question.

Bu I don't want a man that like me because I am big and strong, I am a sensible person and an intellectual one as well. Brigitte Brigitte, I love your response and I love your attitude!

I have dated women who like being the stronger one in the relationship and it has been great for the both of us.

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