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Alexandra: I think that’s what I find so powerful about Kitty’s piece–this idea of “disqualifiers” from survivorhood. I’m part of this online survivor community and so many people are really weighed down by the strikes against them: that they were dating their attacker, that they’d slept with him or her before, that they’re black, that they’re queer.

Kitty makes a lot of really good points about why people haven’t understood the assault of her friend for what it was.

First we asked the two of them a bunch of questions—some silly, some serious.

Next we brought out Anthony Fantano, the Internet’s busiest music nerd, whom many saw lecture at Wes the week before as part of WESU’s Lecture Series.

(I mean, it’s really only the “small white girls” like Kitty who even have that permission–and then only if you’re not drunk or wearing a slutty outfit.

Oh, and being a virgin would help.) But that permission is not actual power, and it’s also not going to fundamentally change a culture in which people think it’s ok to do things to other people’s bodies without their consent.

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