Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis

Or, they could receive no CF gene and be free from CF.

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The CF gene is common (one in 28 Caucasian Americans carries the gene) and marriages between carriers occur frequently (about one in every 400 marriages). Other children could receive a single CF gene from just one parent and become a CF carrier.Today, thanks to advances in medical care, children can expect a much longer lifespan. Many attend college, marry, and lead very productive lives.The median age of survival (half live longer, half die younger) is the late 30s.Thick secretions block the pancreatic duct, so the enzymes used to break down food can't get to the small intestines. It can lead to cramps; gas; bulky, foul-smelling stools; and poor growth.Most people with CF have to work hard to stay healthy.Chest physiotherapy (CPT) involves clapping on the child's back to loosen lung mucus so that the child can cough it out.The Vest™ is a machine that is worn which vibrates the mucus loose.Their daily care and treatments can take a lot of time.The treatment of CF varies with most children; but many will need to clear the thick secretions from their lungs. There are several types of lung clearance therapies.It's hard for some children to gain weight, so they must take pancreatic enzyme supplements with meals and snacks to help their digestion. Care for the healthy CF child can take up to 1-2 hours a day. SUPPORTING YOUR LOVED ONE WHO HAS A CHILD LIVING WITH CYSTIC FIBROSIS By Siri Vaeth-Dunn For many, the diagnosis comes after a long time of feeling frustrated and helpless.this involves taking the medicines and doing airway clearance. Many parents have watched their child go through many tests and procedures to find out why their child is ill and not growing well.

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